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Beckman Robotics

Established in September 2015, Beckman Robotics is a program from Arnold O. Beckman High School in Irvine, California. Over the years, the program has expanded, beginning with 2 teams and growing since then.

Currently, the Beckman Robotics program is comprised of 6 teams: 2496J, 2496N, 2496R, 2496V, 2496W, and 2496X, each with 8 passionate robotics members. Our meetings are on a weekly basis, where we brainstorm, design, build and program robots together. At competitions, you'll often find us in aprons and chefs' hats (hence the name Robopatties— “robo” for robotics and “patties” for hamburger “patties”) and occasionally, themed costumes!


Mr. Sit

An engineering teacher at Arnold O. Beckman High School, Mr. Sit is also the Beckman Robotics advisor. As an advisor, he has dedicated countless hours to the robotics program. Thanks to his guidance, we are able to learn the importance of the design process, collaborate with others, and expand out of our comfort zones to learn new skills. Most importantly, Mr. Sit encourages us to help out other teams so that everyone can be successful!


2020-21 Season

To be updated!

Program in Action



Past Years...

In the past, the Beckman Robotics program has expanded within itself, growing from 2 to 6 teams over the years. As our experience accumulated, we took on more initiatives, such as hosting our own tournaments!



2020-21 Season

Despite the global pandemic and its challenges, we have been hosting practices both through virtual platforms and in person to provide members with options to continue participating in robotics!



Beyond 2020-21...

Future plans are in development, but we hope to continue developing team members’ passion for robotics through safe means of meeting.


Volunteering for TUSD

Beckman’s school district, Tustin Unified (TUSD), hosts periodic tournaments at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels. Here, we assist in the elementary and middle school tournaments by serving as guest judges, referees, field resetters, emcees, skills managers, and more. By volunteering in different roles, we are able to learn how tournaments function and apply this knowledge to our own competition experiences.

Beckman-Hosted Tournaments

In addition to volunteering at district tournaments, we have taken the intiative to host our own competitions for the past two years. Similar to the TUSD tournaments, every Beckman team member takes on a specialized role, whether it be emceeing, judging, or serving as an assistant IT. Hosting these tournaments is a way to fundraise for our program, as well as another means of State qualification for other teams that compete in our tournament.

TPSF Summer Camp Mentoring

Beckman Robotics members volunteer every summer at the Tustin Public Schools Foundation (TPSF) Summer Camp by mentoring elementary and middle school students & teams. We guide younger students by teaching them to program, build subsystems, and provide information about engaging in competitive robotics! Doing so enables us to spread our knowledge to students interested in robotics, and puts our problem-solving skills to use as we troubleshoot and revise alongside these younger students.

Upcoming Events


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